Movies and Channel 1970

The viewing of good movies is one of the treats residents of Kendal on Hudson enjoy almost daily.

On most nights, when there is not a concert or lecture scheduled, Leonore Meyer and her Movie Committee show a worthwhile film. New ones, old ones, classics, and more fill the Gathering Room with top-flight entertainment. 

If residents prefer watching in their own apartments, most of the Gathering Room movies are shown the following night at 8:00 pm on KOH's internal TV station, Channel 1970. 

Sheila Darnborough and her Channel 1970 crew see to it that movies plus some of the lectures, art shows and concerts (which are video-recorded) are made available on 1970 as well. The programs are listed weekly in Spotlight

Hey! Kendal on Hudson is a fun place. If you're a movie buff, it's even more enjoyable!