Kendal residents are generous, providing time, sympathy and understanding to one another and those beyond Kendal, often informally and sometimes through organized programs, activities, and contributions.

The Welcoming Committee aims to make the move to Kendal on Hudson as smooth as possible for new residents. One new resident said recently, "People here make it so easy to talk with them." 

The Co-Pilot Program is designed to provide assistance and moral support to any Independent Living Resident who needs to be transported to Phelps Memorial Hospital in the event of an emergency.

The Health and Wellness Committee is concerned with the needs of residents in these areas.

The Tuesday Morning Club was organized to help people with varying forms of dementia. Residents help other residents with activities designed to encourage conversation, exercise, games and puzzles, sing songs, and carry out do-able craft activities.  

Cats created by Tues. AM Group

Cats created by Tues. AM Group

Name Tags for Tues. AM participants and volunteers

Name Tags for Tues. AM participants and volunteers

The Friendly Visitors program has been devised to help those in need of help with basic daily tasks on a one-time or short-term basis. Shopping for, reading the newspaper to and, in general just helping out needy neighbors makes this program a Kendal necessity.

There are several support groups for people facing various challenges.  The Loss Committee formed a Support Group for Caregivers and one for Parents and Grandparents of Special Needs Children.  In addition, there are Parkinson's and Cancer Support Groups for persons coping with those physical challenges.

Other residents volunteer in local organizations, including doing workshops at the county jail in Valhalla.

Each February, residents are asked to make a tax-deductible contribution to the Kendal on Hudson Residents Association Annual Appeal to support the work of the Council and its various committees.  A generous portion of the Annual Appeal donations supports local non-profit organizations that have special meaning to Kendal residents and to deserving groups that serve the local community.  See the KOH Resident’s Association’s Annual Report for a list of organizations that were supported in 2018.

The residents association also contributed and installed a half dozen teak wood benches in Rockwood Park for the benefit of everyone who uses the park.

One of a number of teak benches Kendal contributed to Rockwood Hall Park.

Last edited 4/02/16