Help Using this Website

This page contains links to materials that may be helpful as you use this website. 

The most current Resident Directory is in the password protected Residents Only Section of this website.  If you are a KoH resident and have not yet visited the Residents Only secure section but wish to, send Caroline Persell an email saying you want to and she will send you an email indicating how to access it.

Click here for a Guide to Using the KoH Residents Website.  It has four parts:  

  • I. How to Get Into the Residents Website

  • II. How to Maneuver Inside it

  • III. 3 Pathways In

  • IV. Residents Only Section

Click here for a Handout Prepared for the Welcoming Committee to give new residents.  It gives a substantive overview of what’s in each section of the website.  The sections are: HOME, NEWS, COUNCIL & CMMS, INFO, COMMUNITY LIFE, and RESIDENTS ONLY. 

Click here for a “Map of the KoH Residents' Website” showing what's contained within the NEWS, INFO, COMMUNITY LIFE, COUNCIL & COMMS, and RESIDENTS ONLY sections of the KoH Residents Website.   

Click here for “How to Search on the Residents' Website” with suggestions for terms to use when searching for and finding what you want on the website.  For example, to find a resident directory, go to Residents Only.

Click here for a brief guide to making bookmarks and desktop shortcuts to get to favorite websites.

If you need help using digital devices, click here to see a list of residents who can help with computer questions.

Click here for a “Tree Diagram,” a visual schematic showing four levels of content in the website (e.g., what's in the Staff and Maintenance page within the INFO section of the Website as of June 30, 2016).  

Still have questions?  Send them to: