Co-Pilots Needed

CoPilot 2.png

Kendal’s Co-Pilot Program has nothing to do with airplanes or flying. Rather, it is is an award-winning program where residents who are on their way to the Emergency Room at Phelps Hospital are accompanied by Kendal volunteers for the purposes of having a fellow resident nearby who can offer help or merely provide a friendly face.

Norman Sissman, who co-heads the program, announced that Co-Pilot Volunteers are urgently needed! More specifically, the Co-Pilot Program needs to replace those who have retired because of health issues.

Co-Pilots are on call once or twice a month and are rarely called. However, when the call comes, they perform a service that has few peers in the world of genuine meaning and importance.

This is a rare opportunity to do something that is “real”.

Questions? Speak to Norman directly.

County Executive to Speak at Kendal

George Latimer.png

On Monday evening October 14, in the Gathering Room at 7:30 pm, Westchester County Executive George S. Latimer will give residents an update on what’s happening in the County.

Prior to his election as County Executive in November 2017, he was a member of the New York State Senate for the 37th District. Before that, he served on the Rye City Council, in the Westchester County Legislature, and in the New York State Assembly.

Born in Mt. Vernon, Latimer graduated with a B.A. from Fordham University and earned an M.A. in Public Administration from New York University’s Wagner School. By profession, he is a marketing executive with over 20 years at major corporate subsidiaries of Nestlé and ITT, with on-site responsibilities for projects with AT&T, IBM, and Shearson Lehman.

All residents are welcome.

A Chance to Write

Wanted: Writers and Poets

Writings 2.png

Haven’t you always thought you could write, but what you produced in prose or poetry would never get published?

Here’s your chance! The Website Committee plans to add a section for those who take pen to paper (or computer) and let their thoughts flow. It will be called “Writings”.

We’re looking for short pieces (around 250 words) that could be put up on the Residents Website. As webmaster Caroline Persell noted, “There are many people in Kendal (residents and staff) who have unexplored writing talent. We want to encourage them to utilize their talent and are willing to publish their work on the residents’ website".

Questions and/or short pieces should be addressed to Gene DuBow  

Don’t put it off. Do it!

Need Help with one of your Digital Devices?


Sign Up

for the Free Digital Clinic


3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Sign up on sheets are on the Activities Alcove shelf

You’ll Get help from a Hackley student volunteer or a resident in YOUR APARTMENT or in the Riverview Conference Room (formerly known as the Administrative Conference Room) on C-level. Bring your digital device, your charger, and your passwords.

Learn how to use Open Table, text, send photos, or something else.

Before You update Your Mac Computer to "Catalina" aka (also known as) macOS 10.15, read this note from Joe Bruno


Apple’s next MacOS, aka Catalina, aka 10.15, won’t let you run your old 32-bit apps. So be careful to see which of your apps won’t run if you update the OS! I learned this at the October Westchester PC Users Group Mac workshop, where I was distressed to discover that I had about fifty of the old 32-bit apps, some for using scanners and printers, which would definitely not be good to lose.

Before you upgrade a Mac to the latest MacOS, first look to see which apps you will need to update, so you don’t lose access to such vital services. Another Kendal attendee said most of her photo programs would no longer work. Even if I got a new Mac, rather than upgrade all these software packages, I’d still have to get 64-bit software for all my currently attached devices.

How do you know what software is 32-bit? As we were taught at the workshop: On your Apple computer, click on the Apple (top left corner of screen), then on About this Mac, then System Report, then Software, then Applications. You’ll see a list of all your applications. If the resulting window is wide enough, all the way on the right, click on “64-Bit” to have your applications listed by 32-bit or 64-bit. While most are probably 64-bit, the ones that say, “No” are 32-bit, and thus won’t run on the new OS.  

After writing this, I went to my scanner’s website, downloaded the latest software, uninstalled the old scanner software, and am waiting as it installs on my Macbook as I type this on my desktop. Now if only the rest go this easily. 


Workshop on Values at Kendal October 10


The Kendal on Hudson Board, Resident Council Chair, and Administration have invited residents to sign up for a workshop from 2:30 pm-5:30 pm on October 10 in the Gathering Room. The workshop will be facilitated by Jane Mack, President of Friends Services Alliance, a national organization of values-aligned organizations serving seniors. Jane is working with the KoH board on a series of workshops aimed at helping the board, staff and residents work together, support each other, and move ahead in community.

Sign-up sheets will be at the front desk. If more than 30 residents sign up, 30 will be randomly selected. Some adjustments may be made to ensure a broad representation.

Reminder: Instruction on End-of-Life Issues

MOLST Signing.png

On October 11 at 2:00 pm in the Gathering Room, Dr. Syna Kandarappalill, DO (our own Dr. K.), Kendal’s Medical Director, and Eileen Egan, RN, Esq., Vice President and Quality Assurance, Risk Management and Governance at Phelps Hospital, will present a review of the MOLST form ( Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment) and a discussion of end-of-life issues. This is a must for all Kendal residents.

New Residents


Pat and Regina Cireollo will soon move to Kendal on Hudson from their nearby home on St. Andrew’s Golf Course in Hastings on Hudson. Their proposed move date is Thursday, October 10.

Pat worked in Metro NewYork as an electrical contractor. Regina taught in an early childhood school, then stayed home to raise two sons. Elder son Patrick and his wife Marsha live on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Younger son Roger and his wife K-C live in Brookfield, CT. Luckily for the Cireollos, the kids are nearby.

Golf, computers, and crosswords are the activities the Ciriellos most enjoy.

Let’s welcome them in true Kendal fashion. We’ll be glad to have them as neighbors.