KOH Residents Association Charitable Giving

No one can say that the residents at Kendal on Hudson aren’t generous. Every year a collection is taken up by the Residents Association to help fund local charities. This year the Charity Committee, Lois Seulowitz, Penny Brome, Bridget Cooke, Susan Lichten, and Harriet Barnett (chair) met and decided on the following gifts:

Sleepy Hollow Fire Dept. $1,500 for training and fitness programs

Sleepy Hollow EMS. $1,500 for a new defibrillator for their ambulance

Rockwood Hall $1,000 to pay the salary of a seasonal shepherd for Rockwood Park who will also present a program here at Kendal for those who can’t easily get into the park.

Warner Library $1,500 to help them refurbish 3rd floor rooms to be used as meeting or class rooms

Foundation for Public Schools of Tarrytowns  $1,000 to create a recreation space outdoors for Middle Schoolers

Open Door $500 to support their capital project which entails moving to a new building

Kid’s Club $1,000 for summer literacy program for rising first graders

AHFT $1,500  for cost of transportation for local educational trips for newly arrived and low income Hispanic families  (such as their visits to Kendal)

Life Center $1,500 for an English as a Second Language program for adults

Neighborhood House $500 to fund programs for seniors

Historical Society $500 to preserve their aging archive of pictures

 After School Program $500 to purchase supplies for activities for Sleepy Hollow students in a safe environment after school and during school vacations and holidays

Harriet’s committee has done a wonderful job. Many thanks! In addition, many thanks and appreciation to all those who contributed.