Added to Resident Website as of 6/19/16

In response to residents’ suggestions at the June 1 launch of the website, a new page entitled “Playing” has been added to the Community Life Section.  Besides describing some of the ways Kendal residents have fun, it contains many useful links to websites about

Local Events and News
On-line Games
Restaurant Reservation
Sports Scores and News

A note on “How To Bookmark a Website or Make a Desktop Shortcut to it” was added to the Help page, under the INFO section. 

Photos of Kendal drivers Rich and Eamon were posted under INFO/Transportation

Resident Council minutes from the special April 2016 meeting on By-Laws were posted in the Residents Only section.

A Map of the Phelps Hospital Complex and a copy of the booklet, “A Patient Guide to Phelps,” was added to the Community Life/Staying Healthy page.

New content links were added to the “Did You See?” Blog this week, underINFO/Did You See?  They are:

World Wide Web's Creator Looks to Reinvent It
Light Pollution Masks the Milky Way for a Third of the World’s Population
Video From a Polar Bear’s Point of View
Christo’s Newest Project: Walking on Water
The Wisdom of the Aging Brain
The Money Letter Every Parent Should Write
Think Less, Think Better

The NEWS, Calendar of Events, Spotlight, and Menus pages continue to be updated once a week or more as needed