Website Committee 2018

The Website Committee is responsible for creating and maintaining a Residents Website with two goals:  a) providing current residents with timely and important information in a single place; b) sharing written and visual examples of the vital and creative resident life with residents, families, prospective residents, and others outside of Kendal on Hudson.

Current members of the Committee are: Amelia Augustus, Peter Berman (content editor), Sheila Darnborough, Eugene DuBow (content editor), Fran Kelly (treasurer), Jeff O'Donnell (co-chair), Caroline Persell (co-chair), Sue Phillips, and Jo-Ann Rapaport (content editor).

History of the Residents Website at Kendal on Hudson

The idea for a resident website arose during a Residents Council retreat in the Spring of 2015.  The Residents Council formed a Committee consisting of Harriet Barnett, Sheila Darnborough, Eugene DuBow, Muriel Fox, and Sue Phillips, under Fran Kelly’s able leadership.  The committee met several times during the summer and early fall of 2015 to investigate what other Kendals were doing, discuss the purposes of such a website, and identify the major issues to be addressed.  As Fran faced additional responsibilities in the fall, she asked Caroline Persell if she would join and lead the committee.  She sent her the minutes of their meetings, summaries of what they had learned from corresponding with webmasters at other Kendals, and links to their websites.

The committee clearly identified the key issues to address, specifically:  a) Purposes of the resident Website, b) Content, i.e., what to put on the website and how to organize it so people can find it easily. c) Software (What Software, or Content Management System, to use. d) Design and Development, and who might help design the site and get the content onto it. e) Where to Host it (i.e., what set of computer servers to keep it on); and f) Our Domain Name. 

Two purposes of a KOH Resident Website emerged: a) providing current residents with timely and important information in a single place and b) sharing some of the vitality and creativity of resident life with interested people here and outside.

We investigated Software, Web Designers and Developers, and possible hosts before deciding what and who to use.   We are using a web design software called Squarespace that has some attractive templates into which we can cut and paste our content pretty easily, requiring limited amounts of code writing by a web developer and making it easy for us to add content and update it later. 

We found a capable web designer (Rebecca Litt) who helped with color choices, type styles, layouts, and other design issues.  We have also found a good web developer (Elliot Isaacson) who wrote what code we needed, found a way to include a protected "Residents Only" section, and customized the Squarespace template as needed.  The Committee also brainstormed intensively about the content to include and how to organize it.

Version One of the resident website was presented to interested residents in the gathering room January 13, 2016.  

Website Contributors 2016-18

Website Committee Members

 Amelia Augustus                                                                         Harriet Barnett (original committee)                                    Peter Bermas                                                                               Sheila Darnborough                                                                    Eugene DuBow                                                                        
 Muriel Fox                                                                                       Fran Kelly (first chair)                                                              
 Caroline Persell (chair or co-chair and webmaster, 2015-18)   Sue Phillips                                                                                  
 Bill Seligman


Suzanne Adel                                                                                Horst Berger                                                                                  Margo Berger                                                                                  Arthur Brady                                                                                  Sally Costa                                                                                       Gisa Indenbaum                                                                          Gloria Lewit                                                                                  Shirley Lobenthal                                                                            Stella Pence                                                                                      Bert Pepper                                                                             Caroline Persell                                                                         Martin Smolin                                                      
Marian Weinberg                                                                       
Lynn Wildman


Suzanne Adel                                                                                  Jane Beers                                                                                    
Peter Bermas                                                                         Dorothea Bone                                                                         Beverly Child                                                                               Sheila Darnborough                                                                    Peter J. Davies                                                                              
Gene DuBow                                                                               Muriel Fox                                                                                    
Gloria Cooper                                                                                Fran Kelly                                                                                    
Ann Lasusa                                                                                     Joan Levine                                                                                      Jan Myers                                                                                    
Joan Oltman                                                                                    Bert Pepper
Caroline Persell                                                                               Sue Phillips                                                                                   Topsy Preus                                                                                  
Bob Sanders                                                                                    Lois Seulowitz                                                                           Katherine Sinclair                                                                      
Cobb Stewart                                                                             Catherine Trapasso                                                                    Jackie Wilke                                                                            

Content Editors

Peter Bermas
Gene DuBow
Caroline Persell                                                                               Bill Seligman

Copy Editor

Pat Taylor

We would especially like to thank the dedicated news-gatherers, writers, and editors who produce the print version of Spotlight each week and much of the timely news that appears on this website.  They are:  Jane Beers, Peter Bermas, Doris Eder, Brigitte Cooke, Priscilla Holmgren, Claire Limmer, Peggy Pennell (chair), Bill Seligman, Marian Weinberg, and Twink Wood.  We also appreciate the editors, writers, and staff who produce Kendal View each month:  Horst Berger, Gloria Cooper, Deborah O'Keefe, Joan Oltman, Sue Phillips, Caroline Persell, Norman Sissman, Patricia Taylor, Hubie Wilke, and Jim Wood.  This website has been enormously enriched by their efforts.

Technical Help

We were very lucky to find two talented young web gurus:

Rebecca Litt helped enormously with web design issues on Squarespace, as well as being a beautiful artist herself.

Elliot Isaacson is a wizard at coding HTML, customizing Squarespace to do special things, and he plays the viola professionally. We never could have done it without them.

Squarespace designed a wonderfully user-friendly platform, provided numerous on-line help files and videos, and responsive personal help when contacted.

The book by Miko Coffey, Building Business Websites with Squarespace 7, Packt Publishing, Birmingham, England and Mumbai, India, 2015, was also extremely helpful for orienting us to Squarespace, even though we’re not a business.

Last edited 8/28/18