Spotlight Committee

Spotlight Committee editors produce a weekly newsletter which informs Kendal residents and staff in a timely fashion about news and events taking place here.  (See INFO section of this website for the current issue of Spotlight.)

Eight of the nine current Spotlight editors take turns assembling data supplied by residents and staff into a document, usually 4-5 pages long, which includes a weekly calendar and announcements of events of interest to residents. Priscilla Holmgren prepares a monthly calendar which is attached to the first Spotlight issue of each month. 

All our editors enjoy sufficient and varied computer skills, which result in a variety of layouts and typefaces each week.  The Spotlight Committee, formed in 2006 shortly after the first residents moved into Kendal on Hudson, in 2015 includes, for the first time, two male editors!

The editor of the week’s issue of Spotlight delivers a copy of the issue to staff members who photocopy and staple the issue.  The editor distributes copies of Spotlight to Adirondack residents and to the cubbies of all Independent Living residents, and posts a copy on the bulletin board in each building.  Staff members distribute copies of Spotlight among other staff members and to residents in Clearwater.

Because Spotlight editors contribute their time and energy in preparing Spotlight and (except in very rare emergencies) Kendal staff members supply Spotlight copies for distribution, the Spotlight Committee generally has no expenses and usually does not seek financial help from the Residents Council.

Spotlight editors include: Jane Beers, Peter Bermas, Doris Eder, Claire Limmer, Peggy Pennell (Committee Chair), Bill Seligman, and Twink Wood.

Last edited 4/22/17