Kendal View, 2016-17

Editor:                             Norman Sissman

Managing Editor:         Pat Taylor

Kendal View Staff:        Horst Berger, Gloria Cooper, Eugene                                                    DuBow, Doris Eder, Muriel Fox, Edith                                                  Litt, Deborah O'Keefe, Caroline Persell,                                              Sue Phillips, and Bill Smethurst.

The main purpose of the Kendal View literary journal is to build community and help us get to know one another more fully.  In 2015 it completed its 10th consecutive year of publication.  Each issue contains 16 pages of text contributed mainly by residents, although submissions by Kendal’s staff are welcomed.  Four full-color photographs grace each magazine’s covers.  Feedback from readers continues to be overwhelmingly positive.  Three hundred copies of eleven issues are printed per year.  Copies are distributed to every independent living cubbie, to residents in Adirondack and Clearwater, and to 24 senior staff and Board of Trustees members.  Copies are also left in the waiting room of the Health Center and the Marketing Office purchases a number of copies every year to give to prospective residents as part of their marketing effort.

Kendal View was founded by the late Aline Benjamin, a former resident. Its main editor since inception has been Joan Oltman; over the past several years, Norman J. Sissman has been Co-Editor.  Sue Phillips and Gloria Cooper round out the Editorial Committee, all of whose members proofread every issue; Fran Kelly and Lois Kaufman were proofreaders for part of the year.  Horst Berger and Caroline Persell select and process the cover photographs. Advertising is organized by Norman Sissman, assisted by Hubie Wilke and Jim Wood.

The Kendal View welcomes all sorts of literary creations.  We'd like to have poems, memoir pieces, travel stories, humorous pieces, history, essays, almost anything, although we reserve the right to edit material both for length and appropriateness for a community publication. We are always happy to work with contributors.  For photographs we look for quality pictures of life in and around Kendal or from interesting or beautiful places anywhere in the world. 

Collaboration with Accel Printing in Mt. Kisco, begun about two years ago, has resulted in excellent physical qualities of the journal.  Recently a member of the Accel Staff has contributed significantly to layout preparations. 

Income from advertising by local merchants and professional organizations has entirely covered production and printing costs, and permits an annual contribution to the Residents Council general fund.

Current issues of Kendal View are in the Creating section of Community Life.

Past issues of Kendal View:

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