Residents Association Council

The Purposes of the Residents Association are:

1.            To promote the social, physical and mental well-being of all residents of Kendal on Hudson by fostering a community in which each individual is valued, nurtured, and supported, and by working to realize those principles set out in Values and Practices of the Kendal Corporation.

2.          To act in a timely way as a sounding board and catalyst for residents' concerns, ideas, and recommendations on major issues of community life, including their financial implications.

3.           To provide a structure for residents to organize into committees and to raise funds to support their educational, social, cultural, and recreational activities.

4.          To promote the closest cooperation between the residents and the Kendal on Hudson Board of Directors, the Executive Director, and the staff to assure that residents' concerns are brought to the attention of management and the Kendal on Hudson Board and to endeavor to ensure that the residents are kept informed of the operations and financial health of the community.

5.          To support charitable giving both within Kendal on Hudson and to the wider community of our neighbors.

6.             To encourage volunteer service within Kendal on Hudson and in our neighboring community.

Residents Council:

The Residents Council, which consists of 13 elected members, conducts, manages and directs the operation and affairs of the Residents Association. The Council oversees, guides, and consults with the Committees of the Association to ensure that they serve the entire community; maintains a record of all Council and Association proceedings, and acts as liaison between the Residents Association, the Kendal on Hudson Administration, and Board of Directors.   

Residents attending a Council meeting

Residents attending a Council meeting

The Residents' Council meets on the second Monday of the month (except in August)  at 2 PM in the Gathering Room. Meetings are open to all residents.  At each meeting, reports are given by the Kendal on Hudson Executive Director and a Board representative; and there is an opportunity for resident input.

By-Laws of the Association

Click here for a copy of the Association By-Laws.



Last edited 1/6/19