Chorus 2016-17

The Kendal Chorus Concert Dec. 18, 2017

Photo by Arthur Brady

Photo by Arthur Brady

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Chorus Holiday Concert Dec. 13, 2016

The Program Cover

The Program Cover

Slide Show of Audience and Chorus at Holiday Concert Dec. 13, 2016

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Even as Kendal on Hudson was being built, the Kendal Chorus was taking shape, already pursuing its chosen mission:  to make the joy of choral music available to everyone, and thus enrich the life of the community.

With open arms, the Chorus welcomes singers of all vocal ranges and musical backgrounds.  There are no auditions; the only requirements for membership are a love of singing, the ability to carry a tune, and attendance at rehearsals.

Under the leadership of Catherine Campbell Nesbit, a professional choral director (whose services are underwritten by the Residents Council, through a resident’s bequest for Music and the Arts), the Chorus meets weekly from September through May (currently, Thursdays at 1:30-3:00, in the Gathering Room) and performs two concerts a year, winter and spring, for all of Kendal. Song selection is eclectic — classical, pop, folk, cantatas, show tunes, spirituals, and more.  The next concert will be presented on Friday evening, May 20th, at 7:30 in the Gathering Room.  Now in her sixth stint here at Kendal, Catherine brings to the job a wide range of experience, from actor and singer on the Broadway stage to voice coach, conductor, and choral director; most important, she creates a supportive environment that brings out the best in everyone.

In 2016 there were three sings, one each in June, July and August, as in the year before.  The themes of the Sings were, June: “Songs of the Forties,” July: “Show Tunes,” and August: “Folk Songs.”  Over 60 residents attended each Sing (80 in July).  The first two were accompanied by Sue Anderson; Deb Wood organized and accompanied on guitar the August Sing.

We gave two concerts, one in February and one in May 2016.  The theme of the first was “Songs of War, Hope and Peace;” the second was “Seriously Sacred and Slightly Silly.”  The second had a lot of fun and audience participation, which seemed to be appreciated.  It also included violins, bongos, maracas, a kazoo and a boatswain whistle, played by various residents and a non-resident volunteer from the Music on the Balcony group.

Adele Trupin, Catherine Nesbit and Doris Appleby have been sorting the music used in the past, and a computerized, alphabetical index is in progress.  Music will be housed in the drawers in the hall outside the PDR.

We are especially fortunate to have Catherine Campbell Nesbit as our director and Sue Anderson as accompanist.  Sue also conducted and emceed, with great enthusiasm, the first two Summer Sings, that were enjoyed by all.

2016 is the second year of the Chorus’s support by the Residents Council.  We believe that freedom from the hefty dues members were required to pay in the past has been important in recruiting new singers and keeping those who have been with us.  

 The Chorus Committee:  Doris Appleby, Jane Beers, Gloria                                                          Cooper,  Deb Wood

Current Members:  Doris Appleby, Janet Beard, Jane Beers, Dot                                      Bone, Colleen Citarella, Gloria Cooper,                                                Phyllis Fross, Ann Glass, Ed Hanin, Fran                                            MacEachron, Elizabeth Mueller, Marguerite                                      Peyser, Charlie Persell, Muriel Ressler, Bob                                      Singleton, Adele Trupin, Ariel Verdesi, Deb                                      Wood

Instrumentalists:    Barbara Doss, Caroline Persell, Bill                                                      Rakower, Steve Kanfer

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