Recycling News


At the Residents Council (RC) monthly meeting on May 13, co-chair Jeff O’Donnell announced that collection boxes for textiles will be set up at the next RC meeting. He and Ellen Ottstadt are volunteering to take men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories (new and used but in good condition) to social service organizations in the area.

Residents appreciate their gracious help with this project.

A lead is being pursued for a potential taker of textiles that are no longer suitable as donations.

Collection bins for recyclable plastic glasses are now a part of social events. Please continue to deposit your used glasses in the bins and help us keep them out of the trash stream.

Van Tassel is happy to accept your wire hangers and intact plastic garment bags.

We reported earlier about Westchester County’s excellent recycling rate. This topic is the subject of an interview with Deputy Commissioner Vetrone, Dept. of Environmental Facilities, by Barrett Seaman of The Hudson Independent. You can listen to it on the paper’s website under ”Indy Talks.”

Questions? Contact Ursula Hahn, Kendal’s Recycling Committee Chair if you have questions about recycling.