Before You update Your Mac Computer to "Catalina" aka (also known as) macOS 10.15, read this note from Joe Bruno


Apple’s next MacOS, aka Catalina, aka 10.15, won’t let you run your old 32-bit apps. So be careful to see which of your apps won’t run if you update the OS! I learned this at the October Westchester PC Users Group Mac workshop, where I was distressed to discover that I had about fifty of the old 32-bit apps, some for using scanners and printers, which would definitely not be good to lose.

Before you upgrade a Mac to the latest MacOS, first look to see which apps you will need to update, so you don’t lose access to such vital services. Another Kendal attendee said most of her photo programs would no longer work. Even if I got a new Mac, rather than upgrade all these software packages, I’d still have to get 64-bit software for all my currently attached devices.

How do you know what software is 32-bit? As we were taught at the workshop: On your Apple computer, click on the Apple (top left corner of screen), then on About this Mac, then System Report, then Software, then Applications. You’ll see a list of all your applications. If the resulting window is wide enough, all the way on the right, click on “64-Bit” to have your applications listed by 32-bit or 64-bit. While most are probably 64-bit, the ones that say, “No” are 32-bit, and thus won’t run on the new OS.  

After writing this, I went to my scanner’s website, downloaded the latest software, uninstalled the old scanner software, and am waiting as it installs on my Macbook as I type this on my desktop. Now if only the rest go this easily.