National Anthem Surprise

At KOH's July 4th celebration Muriel Fox, Chair of the celebration, introduced a most interesting contest for the audience to share their views on America's national anthem.

The Kendal Chorus sang four songs that could possibly replace the Star Spangled Banner as our anthem. "This Land is Our Land," "America the Beautiful," "My Country 'Tis of Thee," and Lift Every Voice" were in the running. Frank Neuwirth made a suggested entry using the words of the Constitution.  The audience then voted.

Wayne Richter, a retired professor of mathematics tabulated the votes on his trusty abacus which gave a more honest result than any that Pres. Trump's new Vote Panel might find. 

Surprisingly, "This Land is Our Land" was the winner by quite a lot. Some felt that the  result was influenced by the fact that many of the KOH residents are "Old Folkies" expressing love for Woody Guthrie.  

It is expected that the Dept. of Justice might look into this radical outcome and declare it an alternate fact.