What Do We Do?

A question many of of us hear from friends and relatives is "What do you people at Kendal do with your time?" It is frequently followed by another question, " Do you sit around all day watching TV and waiting for the next meal?" 

The answer frequently is "I'm so busy I just don't have time to do everything." All Kendal activity (outside the management of the facility) is coordinated by the Residents Association. Without it, as Kendal's Executive Director says, "We'd be a hotel with health care." So, what is it that takes up our time? The Resident Association has 29 committees-- all with active resident participants. Sometime in the future we'll talk about them.

For today, let's just post the "Regular Weekly Activities."  They are Art Activity, Bell Ringers, Bridge Group, Chorus, Circle Discussion, Faith Discussion, French Conversation, Meditation, Poetry Reading, Shakespeare, Short Story Reading, and Tuesday Morning Club. There is also a Friday Morning Club for residents in the Memory Support Unit (Sunnyside). 

When you add the committees, the lectures, daily movies and concerts, the answer to the questions above is, "We do a lot."