Thinking About 1970?


Have you been thinking about 1970 lately? No, not the year that brought us Monday Night Football for the first time, the year the floppy disc was invented or No Fault Divorce was initiated in California. What we're talking about here is Kendal's in-house television station, Channel 1970. 

Most residents have some working knowledge about this unique Kendal treasure. However, to the outside world it comes as a surprise that we have our own TV Channel available to all residents - free of charge.

Channel 1970 features videos of recent concerts and lectures and, every evening, there is a full-length movie. All programs are listed weekly in Spotlight. 

Most residents are pretty busy with committees, discussion programs, courses and delicious food plus conversation in the Bistro.  They are entitled to relaxation time and a little entertainment. That's where Channel 1970 comes in. It's a joy to have it at Kendal.