Don't Get Hooked!


All of us at Kendal recently received a note from Exec. Director Pat Doyle about computer criminals who are trying to get your Social Security number, your bank account number, your computer passwords, or your address book in order to steal from you and others. This process is called "phishing."  

They do it by trying to pass themselves off as your friends, relatives, etc. through sending you what looks like legitimate messages. Their illegitimate methods are hard to detect. As Pat pointed out, even "real" e-mails could be fake so all messages should be questioned. If you get one from a friend or relative, call them up to see if they really sent you something. 

Play it safe. Anything with even an iota of being a "phishing" expedition should be immediately deleted. Don't get sucked into giving it a look and taking the hook.

Don't get hooked by a criminal "phisher." Play it safe. DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!