New Course by Bill McFeely


A new course "The Rage of White Folk" given by Professor (and fellow resident) Bill McFeely will start in November.  A review by Steven Hahn titled "The Rage of White Folks" discussed four relevant books.  The review was published by The Nation and will be used as the main text for the course.

Professor Hahn, was educated at the University of Rochester, where he worked with Eugene Genovese and Herbert Gutman, and received his Ph.D. from Yale University. His dissertation was overseen by C. Vann Woodward, and later Howard R. Lamar.

He has written on the South, slavery and emancipation, the Populist Era, rural cultures, and social migration. 

The course, open to only 15 people, will meet on Nov. 9, 16, 30 and Dec. 7. 

A sign up sheet will be posted at the Trips shelf on Nov. 2.