Computer Attack

No doubt you’ve seen you’ve seen the notice about a computer attack perpetrated on one of our Kendal residents – and paid little or no attention to it. “It won’t happen to me” is the usual thought that one concludes. Wrong! It can happen to you! Is there anything you can do to prepare yourself to see that your computer (and your every-day life) will not be affected?


The first thing you should do is read the Computer Committee’s “Avoiding Computer Attacks.” Click here to read it.


Do not to respond to a message even if it says it’s from Microsoft or Apple (even if it has their logo!).  2) Call for help.  3) Keep your computer backed up either by purchasing an external memory storage device or joining a memory storage service such as iDrive or Carbonite.

Your Computer Committee can help you choose the best choice for your individual need. Don’t be bashful! Call for help!