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One of the most (maybe the most) popular item on the Bistro menu is – ice cream. Everybody raves about it. Since we’re downing so much of it, your editor thought you might like to know a little about the product..

It comes from the Hershey Creamery (or Ice Cream Co.) which has no connection to Hershey Chocolate. Same name. Different family. The company started in 1894 by five brothers. Their corporate headquarters are in Harrisburg, PA. They have almost 500 employees. They have stores and market all over the eastern U.S.

Amazingly; they offer 48 different ice cream flavors, 7 kinds of yogurt, six varieties of “No Sugar Added” yogurt and four ice sherbet types.

Our ice cream is ordered by Luis Fernandez our soon to be married Assistant Dining Room Director. The product comes in 3-gallon containers and Luis informs us that we go through about 20 containers a week – 60 gallons of the stuff!  Luis always has 8 different kinds on hand and 24 containers in reserve. Luis does a great selection job. Don't fret! We won't run out!

While they still have the standard chocolate and vanilla, some of the more fascinating flavor names are:

                        Candy Bar Overload
                        Chocolate Moose Tracks
                        Graham Central Station
                        Muddy Sneakers
                        Cappuccino Crunch
                        Cookie Doughlicious

One last fact. They all taste great!