When your editor put up the piece about the Kendal Thursday evening baroque music group, there were a couple of omissions. This addendum is meant to straighten things out and give the editor an opportunity to eat a little humble pie (not as good as the desserts in the Bistro) for failing to be sufficiently inclusive.   

First, Caroline Persell, who plays the violin and doubles as the Webmaster of this website, is also one of the group.

Secondly, the group also play Renaissance music and sometimes classical, not only baroque.  There are 4 outside members, two of whom come very regularly, other two who come when they can.

In addition, just to be clear, the group mostly sight reads the music, very often for the first time. It’s really more of a practice than a performance. 

Whatever it is, it’s an opportunity to see the special kind of residents we have at Kendal and besides, the price for observers is right (free).