Have you wondered how the Residents Website gets put together every week with a copy of the Spotlight, the menus, the weekly events and the news? 

As you might imagine, it takes a considerable amount of time, work and cooperation. There is a Website Committee headed by Caroline Persell who is also the Webmaster. The Webmaster oversees all the activity and postings and has the final say on what “goes up” on the site and what does not.  She posts the confidential reference material (e.g., Resident names and phone numbers) in the Residents Only section.  Caroline also puts links to articles, podcasts and videos of general interest on her “Did You See?” blog. 

Most of the weekly material is worked on and posted by the Three Website Musketeers, aka Content Editors (see above). 

Peter Bermas scans and posts Spotlight, the menus, monthly trip schedules, etc. -- all the stuff people rely on for daily life at Kendal.

Bill Seligman is responsible for entering each item in the Calendar of Events, another key aid for people, especially when they learn how to automatically download a Kendal event to their smartphone calendar.

Gene DuBow writes and posts the NEWS section.  All of them look for and find illustrations to enliven their posts.

It is the hope of all who are connected to the Website that it proves useful and interesting. There is no doubt that as new residents come to Kendal, they will have matured in the computer age and will utilize this mode of communication as something that is second nature to them. The Residents Website will be available to serve them as it now serves current Residents. Hopefully, many will eventually contribute to it as well. 

The Website has not as yet even come close to its potential. Those involved in the Website are working on that. If you have any suggestions to make Residents Website better, please let us know. As the 1970’s rock group Bachman-Turner Overdrive sang, “You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet”.