While this current news item deals with the volunteering of a new resident, Anne White, to become part of the Night Co-Pilot Committee, the greater story is that the Kendal Co-Pilot program is need of more such volunteers.

By the way, if you're thinking of full throttles and liftoffs, you're on the wrong runway. Kendal is not in the airline business. 

The Kendal program calls on volunteers to accompany fellow residents to the hospital emergency unit when there is no relative or friend to go along with them. Since emergencies do not follow a set time-table, the call may come at any time night or day.

Volunteers choose a time slot to "be on duty". When an emergency occurs they are called and accompany the afflicted person.

What greater personal sign of general commitment and service can there be than "holding the hand" of a fellow resident at such a critical moment?

Nighttime co-ordinators Peter Davies and Norman Sissman and daytime coordinator (and program founder), Katherine Sinclair all welcome Anne White as a co-pilot. 

Many more volunteers are needed. How about you?