The planning for Kendal's New Year's Eve Spectacular is moving ahead spectacularly. 

A great show plus a Champagne reception are planned plus a sing-along of  old-time songs so everyone can join in. (For this group the old-time songs have to be pretty old). In addition there will be skits and special features. This event will be a definite WOW!

Event producer Muriel Fox has arranged for the glittering New Year Ball to fall at "Kendal Midnight" (9:00 PM) 

Residents are requested to bring d'oeuvres, wine or make a donation of $5 or $10 to cover the cost of the reshments & decorations.

Checks should be placed in an envelope in the cubby of Joe/Sally Costa. 

There is an unconfirmed rumor that the TV companies are planning to cancel their Times Square programs and bring their cameras to Kendal. We'll follow up on that.

TV or not it will be a special occasion!