Beginning Oct. 10th the Education Committee will sponsor the 2016 Domestic Issues Discussion Program. It will provide interesting & challenging discussions on some important issues confronting the United States.

The programs which are all to be held in the Gathering Room at 10:00 AM are as follows:

Oct. 10 - Accepting & Integrating Refugees & Migrants into the United States
Facilitator: Peter Davies

Oct. 17 - Guns, Violence & Money
Facilitator: Pat Lightfoot

Nov. 7 - The Presidential Election System: Is it broken?
Facilitator: Gene DuBow

Nov. 21 - What's happening to Health Care; Where Is It Going? Where should it go.
Facilitator: Ed Hanin

Dec. 5 - U.S. Trade Agreements: Winners/Losers: Role of Governments
Facilitator: John Sorice