Digital Help Session

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The Computer Committee cannot help you with your financial or personal problems. However, if you are having difficulty with your digital device, keep reading.

Once again there will be a DIGITAL HELP SESSION at Kendal.

Computer Committee volunteers and a Hackley School student will be available on Saturday, March 2 from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. to offer help (in your apartment or in the RAO) with your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

For further information, contact Peter Bermas or Caroline Persell.

New Trip

Bruce Museum.png

The Trips Committee announced a new trip. This exciting outing to the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT will be Wednesday, Mar. 20.

It will feature docent tours of two very different exhibitions: “Buried Treasures of the Silk Road” comprising tomb sculpture, art and exotic goods from the Han and Tang dynasties along the major routes for trade from China to Eurasia and Eastern Europe, and “The Dawn of Modern Medicine,” 100 artifacts showing the 19th-century transformation of medical practice and equipment through advancing technology such as anesthetics, stethoscopes and x-rays; and free time for other exhibitions, including “Masterpieces from the Museum of Cartoon Art.”

There are also short waiting lists for the following trips":

Wed., Feb. 20, New York Historical Society, New York

Wed, Mar. 6, American Museum of Natural History, New York

Age Well Study - Redux

Age Well.jpg

Once again, we want to advise you of the importance of the Age Well Study.

Last year, the Kendal on Hudson community joined other Kendal affiliates to participate in a five-year national study to learn the impact of living in a Life Plan Community (same as “CCRC”).

The study is conducted by Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging and Northwestern University. It compares self-reported health and wellness of individuals living at Life Plan Communities to people living outside of such communities. The goal is to better understand the long-term impact Life Plan Communities have on the health and wellbeing of residents.

First year findings (published in January 2019) show that Life Plan Community residents tend to have greater emotional, social, physical, intellectual and vocational wellness than demographically similar older adults in the community at large.

This is the final year that new participants can join in. You can learn more at The

What dates do you need to know? If you participated last year you will receive your 2019 survey mailed directly to you by mid-February.

Although they are sending hard copies, participants are encouraged to answer online, if able. All completed surveys will be due back by Friday, March 15. They should be sealed and returned in the provided envelope to either Ellen Ottstadt or Lisa Wacht.

If you are new to Kendal and wish to participate for the first time, please contact Lisa Wacht, Health Services Administrator, Lisa is Kendal on Hudson’s survey administrator.

Kendal Annual Appeal


The Annual Appeal needs the help of ALL residents to keep the KoH Residents Association and Residents Council, which respond to our concerns, active for another year. Your recommended contribution -- $200 per person and $400 per couple – is tax-deductible.

This one’s for us. Unlike most CCRCs, Kendal on Hudson has no Activities Director on staff. Instead, we the residents generate all the activities that are right for us through our Residents Association, including the weekly Spotlight, nightly movies, weekly lectures and frequent courses by outstanding experts, concerts by fine musicians, art lessons and art exhibits, our lively Residents Website, Kendal View magazine and KOH-TV, twice-weekly wine and cheese socials, special celebrations, a wide variety of clubs, an amazing 24/7 Library, the Chorus and the Bell Ringers. In other words, your annual gift pays for the fulfillment of our emotional, intellectual and entertainment needs here at Kendal.

A portion of your donation is set aside for local organizations including the Sleepy Hollow Fire Department and Ambulance Corps, Warner Library, Friends of Rockwood Hall, and other groups serving children and families in our community.

If you’ve already contributed, your fellow-and-sister residents thank you. If you haven’t pitched in yet, please do so and place your check, payable to KoH Residents Association, in the box at the front desk by mid-February. Please write “Annual Appeal” at the bottom.

Phelps Hospital Volunteers Needed

Phelps Hospital.png

One of our most important neighbors is Phelps Hospital. Like all such institutions, there are many roles there played by volunteers. If you want to do something meaningful, you might consider volunteering some of your time.

Pam Lipperman, Director of Volunteers at Phelps Hospital, will meet with Kendal residents, who are interested in becoming volunteers at the hospital, on Friday, February 15, at 10 a.m., in the Private Dining Room.

The meeting is sponsored by the KoH Health and Wellness Committee.

You may contact Dot Bone, for additional information.

The Magic Flute

Magic Flute.png

A special and different kind of concert will take place at Kendal on Wednesday, February 13 at 7:30 pm in the Gathering Room. It will feature Hendrik Morsman performing “Excerpts from Mozart’s The Magic Flute”.

Mr. Morsman, a well-known professional flutist from the Netherlands, who restages Mozart’s classic as a one-man opera, brings everything from miming, puppetry and an alto saxophone to the one-hour presentation in English.  

If you’re interested in something out of the ordinary - Don’t miss it!