Art Workshop: The Return of Pam


Pamela Deitrich, the noted "free approach to to drawing" artist/ teacher, will once again be giving a course at Kendal.

Pam's artistic skills in ink drawing, with her "There are no mistakes - only happy accidents" approach, have thrilled our budding artists before. She will be back on April 5 from 10 am to 12 noon .

Want to give it a try? (The fee is $15) Speak to Bix Smethurst.

The Shredder


Don't you wish you could just shred that person who stepped on your toes the other day? Or, perhaps, do away with the person who picked out the last piece of bargain clothing leaving you to pay full price? 

Well, we can't help you with either of those; however if you have unwanted or confidential records (old love letters?) and want them shredded, the Westchester Mobile Shredder can help you. It will be at the parking lot opposite Village Hall on Beekman Ave. on Saturday, March 24 from 10 am to 1pm. 

See the March 19 Spotlight for particulars.

New Trip

Kay Walking Stick.jpg

How does the Trips Committee do it? Before you can turn around, a new trip has been planned. Doesn't Jan Myers sleep? 

The latest excursion will be to the Montclair Art Museum on Wed. April 25. Our group will have a docent tour of Kay Walking Stick: An American Artist. This will be the first major retrospective of the renowned Native American Artist. Should be fascinating!

In addition there is space available (or a short waiting list) for the March 28, April 4 and April 18 trips. Details of those are in the March 19 Spotlight.

Sign up!

Village Election


The Sleepy Hollow Village election will take place on March 20th.

In order to get maximum participation, a polling place will be set up in the Residents Lounge. This arrangement is applicable only for village elections. 

With voting made easy, residents be sure to perform this civic duty. 

Make sure you VOTE!

More details are available in the March 19th Spotlight

Questions? See Annette Leyden or Martin Smolin

Slavery: A New Course


Kendal continues its excellent program of offering great course and great teachers.

The subject of slavery will be examined with special emphasis on the descendants of slaves on a remote island off the coast of Georgia. 

It will be taught by Kendal's own Pulitzer Prize winner Bill McFeely. 

The course will take place on four Fridays in June (6, 13, 20, 26) at 11:15 am in the Residents Association Office.  It is limited to 15 people so early sign-up in the Activities Alcove is recommended. 

Residents Association Annual Appeal

Annual Appeal.jpg

Our Residents Association, a 501 c-3 organization, announced its annual appeal. Funds collected will go to support the many activities (movies, lectures, concerts, and more) that we enjoy here at Kendal. In addition, a portion of the funds collected go to help a number of our local organizations such as the Sleepy Hollow Fire Dept. and Ambulance Corp. 

It's all worthwhile. Suggested tax deductible contribution  this year is $200 per person, $400 per couple.  

Please place your checks payable to the KoH Residents Association in the box at the front desk. Please write"Annual Appeal" on the bottom of the check.

Many thanks!



One way to keep costs low at Kendal is to properly recycle paper and plastics. 

Most important -- please return the green food take-out containers. Don't throw them away! Wash them out and return them to the Bistro.

If you have questions about what to recycle and what to put in the garbage, please contact Deb Wood. She'll get a recycling sheet to you that will answer all your questions. 

Trips News


The ever-active Trips Committee has announced a new trip for April. This excursion will take the group to the Katonah Museum on April 18 for a showing of "Long Winding Journeys: Contemporary Art and the Islamic Tradition. Sign-up as usual, is in the Activities Alcove.

The March 7 trip to the Hayden Planetarium had to be cancelled because of the snow storm. It will now take place in June. Signing up (or re-signing up) is required. 

Space is available (or short wait list) for the March 28 trip to the Museum of the City of New York York. 

Ditto for the April 4 "DYOT" to NYC.