Piece of Old Tappan Zee Bridge in Hudson River right after Explosion Jan. 14, 2019

Photo by Caroline Persell

Photo by Caroline Persell

Riding the train to NYC just after the explosion knocked a big piece of the old bridge into the Hudson, I took a quick photo. Trains weren’t running during the explosion.

Want to See a Video of the Actual Explosion?

To see a video on You Tube of the actual explosion that preceded the collapse, click here.

The "It's Your Grandson" Telephone Scam Returns


Early one morning one of us received a call from someone who said, “Hi Grandma, it’s your grandson!” When asked who it was, the scratchy-voiced caller said, “Don’t you recognize my voice?” The resident recipient answered “No,” and hung up. This scam appeared several years ago and seems to have reappeared. So be careful about unidentified callers, particularly if they call when you’re sleepy.

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