My Co-Pilot Experience by Rita Benzer

I have been a co-pilot since I arrived at Kendal because I thought it was a wonderful idea. Now I have finally experienced how wonderful it really is.

When the co-pilot phone rang I had never heard it before and was completely surprised. For the first time I was receiving a call that someone had suffered an accident and was going to Phelps Emergency Room with severe pain in her ankle.

I drove over to Phelps and found her already in a room being prepped by a nurse for a full examination. She was in great pain.

The hospital personnel were fabulous. They were calm, organized, and completely professional. They had her medical history, had spoken with her children as well as Kendal staff and were able to proceed without delay. Nothing was broken so she was fitted with a protective orthopedic boot. Kendal maintained contact with Phelps and her children throughout.

I drove her back to Kendal three hours later. Upon arrival she was met with a wheel chair and dinner was brought to her apartment. By the way, my dinner was also brought to me. All in all it was an impressive experience.