Activity Committees' Missions and Chairs, 2017-18


For complete reports from each committee, see the Residents Association Annual Report available on the Residents Only page.  The Committees and their Chairs are:

Advocacy Committee – Sue Phillips

The Advocacy (Government Relations) Committee promotes and advances, through continued relationship building in the community and the halls of local, county and state government, the strategic initiatives and goals of Kendal on Hudson, and serves as Kendal's central source of contact with public policy makers, government officials and community leaders.

Art Committee – Peter Davies

The Mission of the Art Committee is to facilitate and inspire creative expression for personal enjoyment and community enrichment.

Audio/Visual Committee – Nathan Saltzburg

The Audio/Visual Committee provides assistance and support to Resident Activity Committees for scheduled events in the Gathering Room. Normally a trained member of the committee is present at each event and assists by setting up and operating the A/V equipment.

Bell Ringers – Ruth Laudor

The goal of the Kendal Handbell Ringers is to provide an opportunity for amateur ringers to play handbells using a variety of techniques and to have fun making music in this unique way. 

Chorus – Doris Appleby; Bob Singleton

The mission of the Kendal Chorus is to make the joy of choral music available to everyone, and thus enrich the life of the community.  If one likes to sing, there are two opportunities: first is a traditional chorus, for those who can read music, carry a tune, and attend weekly rehearsals for the semi-annual concerts. The second is the singalongs, for anyone who wishes to sing in a more informal way.

CAFA (Common Areas Furniture & Art) – Marilyn Bottjer

The CAFA Committee’s mission is to create a welcoming and home-like atmosphere in Kendal on Hudson’s public spaces by making them as attractive, interesting and comfortable as possible.  In lobbies and corridors, we place art, furniture and decorative accessories donated by residents as well as art bought with funds from the Residents Association.

Computer Committee – Caroline Persell; Peter Bermas

The Computer Committee has been in operation since the opening of Kendal in 2005 with the dual purposes of learning more about information technologies and helping residents solve their issues with information technologies or start on the road to digital literacy, with workshops and one-to-one coaching.

Co-Pilot Program – Norman Sissman

Manned by resident volunteers 24 hours a day, the Co-Pilot program provides assistance to any Independent Living resident who needs to be transported to Phelps Memorial Hospital in the event of an emergency. The Co-Pilot’s role is to:  provide comfort to the person going to Phelps; be on hand with the resident and stay until the urgent situation calms down or family arrives; make phone calls, cancel appointments, fetch requested items from the resident’s apartment, etc.

Dining Advisory Committee – Rosalie Sauerhaft; Margo Berger

The Dining Advisory Committee provides a channel for communications between residents and dining management, working with dining management and staff to develop strategies for optimum resident dining satisfaction and provide specific and constructive suggestions regarding residents’ food and food service needs and preferences.

Education Committee – Fran Kelly; Edith Litt

The mission of the Education Committee is to provide opportunities for intellectual stimulation for residents, principally through the Monday Night Lecture Series, short-term courses and seminars offered on site, and various reading and discussion groups. 

Fiber Arts Committee - Marilyn Bottjer

The Fiber Arts Committee undertakes and promotes a variety of activities for Kendal residents in the area of fiber art -- weaving, needlework, knitting, rug hooking, etc. 

Health and Wellness Committee – Dot Bone

The Health and Wellness Committee is concerned with the health and wellness needs of all KoH residents: Independent Living, Adirondack (Assisted Living), Sunnyside (Memory Support Unit), and Clearwater (Skilled Nursing).  Programs supported by the committee include the "Friendly Neighbors Program," a volunteer program; the "Coffee Klatch" led by the Director of Nursing; the "Tuesday Morning Club," a socialization program led by residents; and, finally, public meetings on various health care topics.

Horticulture Committee – Anna Mae O’Leary; Peter Davies

The Horticulture Committee’s members complement the campus landscaping by cultivating bulbs and flowering plants at the entrances to KoH buildings and in the Cul de Sac.  Members also grow flowers and vegetables in ten terrace planter-beds and tend four wisteria at the Pergola along the river.  When in bloom, these sites beautify and welcome both residents and visitors.

Kendal View -Norman Sissman; Pat Taylor

The Kendal View literary journal builds community and helps residents get to know one another more fully.  Each 16-page bimonthly issue contains text contributed mainly by residents, though submissions by Kendal staff are welcomed.  Full-color photographs, usually the work of residents, grace each of the four covers.  Copies are distributed to every Independent Living resident, to Adirondack and Clearwater, the senior staff, Marketing and Board of Trustees members. 

Kendal Swap Program – Jane Beers; Cobb Stewart

The Swap Program allows residents of one Kendal Community to temporarily exchange residences with residents living in another Kendal Community. This web-based portal provides Kendal residents with a secure login: (1) search for an “Available Swap,” and/or (2) post an “Available Swap.” The KoH Swap Committee facilitates this program for KoH residents interested in swapping their apartments and welcomes guests from other Kendal Communities who come to KoH through the Swap Program.

KOH TV, Channel 1970 – Sheila Darnborough

The mission of KoH TV, Kendal on Hudson’s internal TV channel, is to ensure that Kendal residents, irrespective of their level of independence, have access to Kendal events in their own homes. Standard programming includes: round-the-clock showing of still photos of Rue des Artistes exhibits, videos of Kendal activities, and movies each evening.

Library Committee – Suzanne Adel; Sally Kellock

The mission of the Library Committee is to build up an excellent collection that is useful and up to date with a simple circulation system that all residents can use with ease.  The Library Committee maintains definite hours during which a knowledgeable volunteer is available for the convenience of residents and a dependable scheme for borrowing books from the County system.  Our goal: that the Kendal Library will be a quiet and welcoming environment for all readers.

Loss Committee – Peter Bermas; Bob Sanders

The Loss Committee organizes occasional informative programs and films on end-of-life issues, sponsors an annual memorial service for residents who have died in the preceding year, and assists families plan appropriate memorial services for their loved ones. It also sponsors support groups for Caregivers, Parents of Special Needs Children and those with Parkinson’s Disease.  Its pamphlet, “Our Sympathy and How We Can Help,” is distributed to families of deceased residents. 

Movie Committee – Leonore Meyer 

The Movie Committee’s mission is to choose, order, and schedule movies to be shown to Kendal residents on a regular basis. 

Music Committee – Fran Kelly; Bert Pepper

The Music Committee’s mission is to coordinate and schedule varied musical programs for Kendal residents and to maintain the Steinway Grand Piano.

Recycling Committee – Deb Wood

The Recycling Committee is dedicated to improving the environment by advocating recycling.  Our focus is to spread recycling awareness to every resident by educating them on what and how materials can be recycled and the value of recycling to Kendal and to the broader community.

Social Events Committee – Muriel Fox

The Social Events Committee is responsible for producing two major annual social events for residents (July 4th and New Year’s Eve) and for assisting the Residents Council with various social events held in the Residents Lounge.

Spotlight Committee – Peggy Pennell

The Spotlight Committee produces a weekly newsletter to inform all residents in a timely fashion about news and events taking place at Kendal. 

Transportation Advisory Committee – Ed Hanin

The Transportation Advisory Committee works with Kendal on Hudson staff and administration to arrange regularly scheduled trips to the Tarrytown train station, shopping centers, doctors' offices, and community events, as needed.

Trips Committee – Jan Myers

The Trips Committee provides access to new experiences and the rich cultural life, heritage and beauty of the region beyond Kendal on Hudson.  It plans and arranges day trips in New York City, the Tri-State metro area, Westchester County, and the Hudson River Valley for Independent Living residents and seeks to serve a range of activity levels including mobility- and/or cognitively-challenged individuals.

Website Committee – Caroline Persell; Jeff O’Donnell

The Website Committee is responsible for creating and maintaining a Residents Website with two goals:  a) providing current residents with timely and important information in a single place; b) sharing written and visual examples of the vital and creative resident life with residents, families, prospective residents, and others outside of Kendal on Hudson.

Welcoming Committee – Jim and Twink Wood  

The mission of the Welcoming Committee is to make the move to Kendal as easy as possible for new residents.  This is achieved through a variety of ways, such as personal contacts before, during, and after move in; social events; campus tours; and the provision of helpful information on resident life at Kendal.